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Started my Journey into rc at age 12. Built and screwed up a lot during soldering and learning how the parts went together the correct way. At age 15 started racing rc cars and at age 17 earned a sponsorship from my local hobby shop. Started flying planes and helis at age 25. Still race rc cars from time to time going on over 30 years racing. Started my fpv journey in 2012 just when cameras were getting smaller and vtx's were still pretty bulky but reliable. I went on to learn more and fly more by joining a lot of fpv groups on Facebook. One day I joined a group called FPV BUILDERS in 2018 just 3 months after they got started. I met the main founder of the group in a post where I commented to help the op and Taylor started taking notice when I was in most posts helping new pilots with building or diagnosing issues. We started talking and a few months later he made me an admin to help him run the group and work on other mutual projects. My journey in all of these groups helped me advance my building skills and my connections in the industry. I had the opportunity to purchase Racer X FPV from a friend in late 2021. after talks about the agreements and the future of the company and lots of setbacks for us both for time to meet, we finally made that time in June 2022. Now I'm super excited to bring everyone new products from RACER X FPV.


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